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Eunice had already had a glimpse of her future and it did not bode well. She had just returned from the funeral of her maiden Aunt Sara who had died just as she lived, alone. Eunice already in her mid-thirties had yet to have a serious boyfriend, oh sure she had gone with more than a few guys but none she'd ever considered marrying. It was just like her current boyfriend Tony, he was nice enough, but she could tell he had no desire for commitment with her.

As she sat in her bedroom she made the decision, she was not going to live her life alone. No matter what it took, she was going to make Tony want to be with her and no one else. Although they had already had sex together, she had held back only allowing him what she believed to be normal sex. Eunice could see that Tony was kind of kinky, and if that was what he wanted, she would give it to him. As she thought about it, she worried some about just what he might ask her to do but then she put it out of her mind, telling herself it was time to get in the game.

She called Tony and invited him to a 'manly night' of Monday Night Football, a contest she hated, and a dinner of his favorite pizza and beer. Tony was impressed and said he'd be there early. Eunice knew just what she was going to wear and that was the cheerleader costume she'd worn to last year's Halloween's party. She knew she looked frumpy but remembered all the leers she'd received from all the bare skin it showed. In a daring move, she wore her lacy panties instead of the panty set that went with the costume. With Eunice's large breasts, she always wore bras with extra support but for tonight, she wore only a sleeping bra that was barely more than nothing at all. She knew she had picked the right costume when she saw the face of the pizza boy who couldn't take his eyes off her chest.

When Tony arrived, she did a cheer for him making sure her boobs bounced plenty and finishing off bent over exposing her panty covered ass. She then sat him down in front of the TV, and served him a cold beer and a piece of pizza. She cuddled up next to him and told him to enjoy the game while she enjoyed his body. First, she played with him through his jeans but as he got hard, she released him from all that confinement. She held him in her hands as she kissed the tip, even going so far as to lick the drop of precum that was oozing out.

"Eunie, what has gotten in to you tonight?"

"I just want this to be a special night for you. You do so much for me I want to return the favor, whatever you want, I want also."

To show him she was serious she sat on top of him and by just moving her panties out of the way, she impaled herself on his cock.

"You just watch the game while I try to fuck your brains out."

Eunice never talked this way and maybe that was what excited her boyfriend. She rested his head on her shoulder so he could watch his footballers and as she slowly rode him, she whispered in his ear.

"Oh baby, tell me what you want me to do, anything at all I just want to make you happy."

This was all too much for Tony and he shot off inside her. She grabbed a napkin off the table to hold his cum inside her when she got off him. When she saw his dick all shriveled and covered in their combined juices she knelt down and took him in her mouth to clean him off.

After cleaning out Tony's deposit, she returned from the bathroom to find him watching the game again. He patted the couch next to him to show where he wanted her to sit. They both ate pizza and drank beer through the rest of the first half. They chatted as they waited for the second half to start and then unexpectedly Tony asked,

"Eunice were you serious, when you said I could ask for anything?"

This made her wonder if maybe she had offered too much but then she told herself to go all the way,

"That's right my body is for your pleasure, whatever you desire."

The truth was offering herself like this was beginning to turn Eunice on and she began to wonder what he would make her do. He pulled her close to him and as he kissed her throat, he gently pulled on her nipples just the way she liked. She found herself getting really hot but when he whispered in her ear,

"I want to take your back door," she nearly jumped out of her skin.

"B-but Tony I've never done anything like that before I don't know..."

"Ssh, it's all right honey; we can take it slow, besides you might like it."

Tony instructed Eunice to take a shower and clean herself 'back there.' When she returned naked save for the towel wrapped around her, she noticed he had retrieved the bottle of lube from her nightstand. He had her get into the doggie position, something she hated because it made her large breasts hang down like udders. She felt his hands caressing her bottom and she could feel the lube being spread over her. He had her so oiled up that his finger slipped inside her easily, and then followed by another. Soon she had her fingers on her clit, squeezing it hard just as she liked it, and when he said he was ready to enter her, she was so hot she begged him to hurry. He told her to relax and that he would go slowly but once he got the bulbous head of his cock inside her he just shoved the rest all the way. Her screams were not of erotic ecstasy but pain and he stopped moving. Sobbing she told him he was hurting her but when he started to withdraw she told him no and that she wanted him to remain inside her. They stayed locked in place for what seemed like a long time to Tony but finally Eunice began to relax and she said wanted him to move.

To Eunice, once the pain subsided, she could not believe how full she felt and when he began to fuck her in earnest, her pleasure only mounted. She looked down between her legs past her flopping udders and thought what a slut she must look like but that only heightened her arousal. By the time she climaxed she was pushing back as hard as he was pushing in. She felt completely out of control as she began to shake she begged Tony to, 'Cum in my ass.' As for Tony, he was only too glad to oblige and he filled her tender rectum with his jism.

To Eunice that fateful night released the bonds from years of sexual repression. She would never have guessed that she would enjoy anal and now she wondered what else she had missed in her up tight life. What she didn't understand was why after giving of herself to him, he soon after left her. Eunice refused to let this get her down by telling herself that Tony had never 'been the one,' and that maybe Mr. Right would be the next man she met. She may have been sorry for the reason she gave up her back door to Tony but she would never be sorry for the experience.

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I'm doing my books by Universe now because I want to do crossover events in stories. In other words if you see "this book takes place in **** universe, then it's in the same world as another story with that tag above it. There will be 3 main universes:




Stories with "Standalone" at the top take place in their own universe outside of the 3 just mentioned. That said, The Snow White Series and this story right here take place in the Erotiska Universe. Enjoy the read.


Ever since Kieran moved in, I'd always thought he was a handsome man. Twenty-two years old, and exotic. A fresh import from Sweden, he was as Scandinavian as they come. He even drove a Volvo. The new 2018 V60 Polestar. And yet, he lit a fire in me. Seeing him every morning shirtless made me just want to give in to the most animalistic of instincts. To just lunge at him and demand he take me. Or try and take him. Yet being a shy snow bunny from Oklahoma, my true self wasn't as bold as my thoughts though. I would watch his chest move as he breathed, every ripped ab slowly swaying as he'd dance to whatever tune was in his head while brushing his teeth. The way he brushed back his brownish, almost auburn hair was captivating. And the way his blue eyes would land on me, watching him in the doorway, made me freeze. But it was his voice that made me lose myself.

"Need the bathroom, Erika?" This was a daily routine now and his voice still captivated me. It was like magic, a spell you can't break. I closed my eyes and imagined him walking up to me. Kissing my neck, grabbing me... "Erika?" His enchanted voice snapped me out of the spell it put me in. "Ye...yes Ki...Kieran?" He giggled before putting a hand on my forehead. "You feel fine but if you're not feeling well, tell me. Also, you always watch me at the door, if you need just asked?" He said that with the most innocent, yet seductive smile, his voice doing nothing but add more blush to my cheeks and a tingle between my thighs. This was dangerous.

"I'm alright Kieran." I somehow managed to get the words out before brushing past him, his scent sparking arousal in me to my very core. Everything about him made me want to give in to my most base instincts. But the fear he'd turn me down superseded my lust. "If you say so." He winked at me, before leaving the bathroom. I would love nothing more than for Kieran to take me. But he was calm gentle, caring. And throwing aside all the carnal, slutty feelings I had for him, there was some love there. It was undoubtedly love at first sight, at least for me. I wasn't sure how to get Kieran to notice either as a lover or a slut but, I had to do something because I was drowning in my storm of emotions.

I really knew I needed to do something about my feelings after yesterday. I had come home from work after an all-nighter in the middle of the day. Being an accountant is hard work you know. Anyway, I walked towards my sofa, striping items of clothing until I was in nothing but a bra and panties, and flopped on the couch. I was dead to the world immediately. But my mind refused to rest and took me into my deepest fantasy.

I had a very naughty daydream... it had corrupted my sleep. Normally, my sleep was my safe haven from my feelings that haunted my thoughts more and more daily. But that no longer seemed to be the case. The dream started off normal enough.

I was doing the dishes when I heard him come in through the door. He didn't say anything but I felt him come up behind me and he kissed my weak spot, the curve of my neck. A husky "Fuck" slips out with a moan as he continued. Kissing my neck as he grabbed my hips, he yanked me against him to feel his hard cock. His lips moved slowly and tenderly across my neck, while his fingers moved roughly and with haste. They found their way to my skirt as he violently pulled it up, my plump ass was barred, barely covered by pink lacey panties. I felt his moan against my skin as much as I heard it when he sees them.

I heard his zipper get scraped down as he pulled it out of his way before he lost that tiny thread of control he had and shoved me full with his hard cock. He was having no mercy on my pussy, not stopping till his hips slammed into my ass, his cock buried deep in my womb.

I gasped and tried to go to my tiptoes. He was long, thick and very demanding this afternoon. The more I tried to raise up, the harder his palm pushed against my lower back. I got even wetter realizing he plan was to hold me still as fucks me as hard and as slowly as he pleased. Today was about him taking what he wanted.

I continued to get wetter, as no matter how many times I pushed up, or tried to move, he didn't let me. I started to beg him to fuck me harder. I could hear my own begging and it made me wetter. He started to whisper in my ear how good my wet pussy felt. How he wanted to spank my naughty ass for being such a tease. For not listening to him. But his next words just about made me cum all over his hard cock. "Now baby" he whispered right in my ear. "I'm going to fuck you hard. So hard, that any time you move, all you will be able to think about will be my cock fucking this wet pussy." He paused for a moment to show me, fucking me hard enough to take me off my feet. All I could do is grip the edge of the sink and pray that it never ended. I started begging again, in time with his thrusts. I felt his hand leave my lower back and he used it to cover my lips. He leaned in again to tell me, "Now be a good girl and promise me that you will be quiet as you can." He never gave me a chance to answer. He picked up fucking me as hard as he could, all the while whispering in my ear how hot it was to watch me while he fucked me. My teeth sunk into my dish rag. I had to stifle my moans. The neighbors couldn't hear that I was Kieran's cock slut. I loved this cock. He fucked me harder all the while telling me, "I'm gonna blow right into that pretty mouth. I hope you can handle my whole load."

I knew he could feel how wet his words made me and he took advantage. He started to smack my ass and I couldn't help but cum all over his cock that he forced into my pussy harder and harder as he got close to losing it. Hearing him say he just wanted to feel my wet pussy wrapped around his cock for a just a little bit longer was turning me on even more. I squeezed my pussy around him as he pulled me deeper on him and relaxed when he shoved in all the way. I felt his control breaking as he grabbed my hair and fucked me even harder. Holding me still so all I could do is take his cock. He pumped until he finally couldn't take it anymore and pulled out. I gasped as he used my hair to drop me to the floor and shove his cock into my mouth. He nearly shouted "fuck" as he felt my lips wrap around his throbbing cock. Using both hands in my hair to fuck my mouth till he lets go with a deep "fuck" and begins to fill my mouth with his hot cum...

I woke up with a start. My panties were soaked, as well as the fingers in my cunt & a spot on the couch. I also realized there was a blanket over me. I looked at the clock and realized it was midnight. I had overslept. Kieran was bound to be home right now...meaning he saw me like this. Like a horny slut. I started freaking out but my suspicions were confirmed as I saw a note on the table next to a glass of water:

Looked like you were having a fun dream ;) Gave you a blanket. Sweet Dreams Princess


I went into a complete meltdown. I tried to act like a good girl as much as possible around him. What will he think of me now? He probably thinks I'm a horny slut now. I hurried up and changed the cover on the coach before rushing to the bathroom to freshen up. After that, I dove into my sheets. I had to bury myself in my embarrassment.

I woke up the next morning afraid to face Kieran. What would he think of me? I staggered to the bathroom before standing in the doorway, like normal. Kieran, also like normal, was brushing his teeth shirtless by the sink. It was a sight to behold, but it didn't help my nerves one bit. And he noticed me immediately.

"Had a good sleep, Princess?" He beamed that dashing smile at me, but there was something different about. the way, he looked at me. "Looked like a good sleep to me." He giggled a bit before asking if I needed to use the bathroom. There were no words for how red my face was, I had no way to respond. I just nodded, my eyes burning a hole in the floor. I couldn't look at him.

Suddenly, I felt him hug me. And he started petting my head. I leaned into the hug, every sense telling my inhabitations to just let it go. "It's alright, we all do... "that" sometimes. Plus it was hot." He laughed again and my face went red-er with a different emotion. He thought it was hot? Did he watch me? Regardless of what questions went through my head, they would never get answered as he let me go and walked out the bathroom. My body instantly ached for his touch again. For his scent. But I had to get control of myself. He thought it was hot. He thought I was hot. As I sporadically came up with ideas in my head, I went on about my day, washing up and going on with my day. I thought things would change.

Not! Two weeks later and nothing changed. Same morning routine where I admired his edible physique before becoming a stuttering mess while talking to him. I had to do something. My desires and dreams were spiraling out of control. And I had to do something. So I came up with a plan. I hoped in my car, a nice 2018 Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 in Indium Grey Metallic, and rushed to Best Buy. I needed a new Galaxy Tab to read some stories on Literotica & a Zinio account to splurge on some good ole Cosmopolitan, but I had a plan. And it required an attitude change. Or at least, acting like I had one.

That acting class really helped me as after all. I put my plan into effect about two weeks after I came up with it. And I could not act like myself. I steeled my resolve and walked to his room. I didn't bother to knock, knowing he was watching porn (the walls ain't exactly soundproof) and let myself in. An awkward moment, for him at least, ensued as he turned around in his swivel chair with a shocked look and a hard cock. He quickly tried to hide it, but I already saw his manhood. And I liked what I saw. He became a gibbering mess, scrambling to put on some pants...or find some to put on.

I sauntered over to him, pushing him on his bed and grabbing that hard rod. "Leave it out Kieran, I like what I see." He moaned before stifling it and asked why I was grabbing his cock. I didn't answer as I started to stroke it, slowly at first, before picking up the pace. "So you like Mia Khalifa Kieran? Naughty boy." I made sure I put as much lust into my voice as possible but I was freaking out on the inside. Am I really touching Kieran's cock? I'm jerking Kieran's dick, giving him a hand job. But with steely resolve, I stayed firm with the character I set before myself. And it was working. This must be what it means to be living a lie. Regardless, his rod started throbbing in my hand & Kieran himself could no longer contain his moans, constantly repeating oh shit to himself. And then I stopped. I was supposed to tease not relive. I squeezed his balls and tapped my finger on the tip of his meat stick. I made sure to lick that finger clean of his pre-cum, albeit seductively as I could while he watched, before winking and walking out the room with a sway in my step. I waited in the hallway for the impending "FUCK!!" before walking back to my room with a big smile. He tasted good. And maybe I could do this. I just had to remain cool.

The band announced in the fall of 2004 that they would be disbanding, and would play their final show in January 2005 in Buffalo, NY. The final show featured appearances by nearly every member who had ever played in the band. Redmond, Dressler, and Whiteside joined Salemi and Taberski for a performance of the song "Lookinglasself", and original vocalist Chris Galas joined them for the song "Comatose".

Boysetsfire After The EulogyBoysetsfire After The EulogyBoysetsfire After The EulogyBoysetsfire After The Eulogy